Welcome to Grace Furniture

Grace Furniture is a place where you can have your dream furniture at affordable pricing. We take great pride in our traditional roots but have always stayed updated with the latest trends and designs. Our motto is to give you the perfect furniture that best compliments your home with no compromise in our renowned quality. Our product standards are matched only with our round the clock customer care and the premium services offered. We have no hidden clause or confusing legalities, only straightforward terms and conditions.

Customer is King

We ensure that we get the perfect customer solution in all our interaction and thereby hope to have a life time relationship with them. We aim to be the benchmark for customer satisfaction.


We hold the values of honesty and trustworthiness with the highest of standards and have no shame in admitting when we have made a mistake after all aren’t we all human

Taking Charge

We always go the extra mile for both our customers and the services we offer. Innovative and unique solutions are what we specialize in


We believe in the concept of self-sustaining business and focus on zero waste. Our aim is a long-term sustainable business where we cater to the customer problems in the right manner


I have been most impressed with their vast line of products and their customer interaction.

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Lucas Owner of XYZ Electricals and Repair

I wasn’t a big fan of buying furniture online as I always feel the need to have a feel of the furniture that I bring to my home.

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Alex Screen Writer

Their products really compliment once household and I have always suggested their name to my clients.

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Betty Real Estate Agent

I am a firm believer that it’s not just the looks that matter and I am entitled to say Grace Furniture has delivered master class in both look and feel.

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Catherine Director Kings chain of restaurants

genuine review by people who bought it


30 days money back guarantee!


We support online 24 hours a day